Van Hoogstraten bares all

British Tycoon Nicholas Van Hoogstraten opened up about his investment style to Value Magazine in an interview.
He says he first made what he described as “serious money” in the 60s.
“I made my first serious money way back in the middle 60s when I had options on parcels of undeveloped land in the Bahamas. Thanks to the takeover of Cuba by Fidel Castro and the exodus of mainly Mafia owned operations in Cuba, the Bahamas became a hot spot. In a short space of time (2 – 3 years), land worth $900 an acre became worth $7 – 8,000 an acre,” van Hoogstraten told Value Magazine.
“In 1964, I was able to move over £800 000 from Nassau to Geneva where it stayed until 1973. £800,000 in 1964 is more like £60 million in today’s money.” In dollar terms, the amounts is much high.
According to Van, he has been invested in Zimbabwe for the last 50 years and has never looked back.
He says his investment strategy involves holding for a long period.
“My first priority in any investment decision is to hold on to and security for my £.”
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