Value of stocks soars 64.38% w-o-w

The Value of stocks jumped 64.38% last week to close at $22.37bn.

The mainstream All Share Index ended the week 60.14% higher at 200.29 points while the Top 10 Index rose 68.90% to 217.81 points.

The Industrial Index closed the week 60.03% higher at 673.42 points while the Mining Index gained 38.18% ending the week at 227.37 points.

Trades in heavyweights was bullish in the week under review with Delta, Econet and Innscor recording gains of 84.54%, 82.74% and 52.20%, respectively.

The week’s top gains were realized in Delta, Axia and Econet, up 84.54%, 83.47% and 82.74% respectively.

The week’s only loss was recorded in Powerspeed, down 6.60%.

Flows for the week:

§ Volumes traded totaled 93.96mn shares and averaged 18.79mn shares per day.

§ Weekly turnover totaled $72.20mn. Average daily value traded was $14.44mn for the week.

§ Activity was highest in Delta, Econet and Old Mutual, contributing 44.69%, 27.45% and 8.50% respectively.