Stocks bounce back after days of profit taking

Stocks bounced back after days of profit taking Tuesday as investors piled back into big and mid cap stocks.
The mainstream All Share index recovered by 0.28% to close at 114.81 points. Old Mutual Limited added another $0.0888 to close at $5.30, Edgars rose by $0.0148 to end at $0.0888 and CBZ went up by a further $0.0100 to settle at $0.16. Amalgamated Regional Trading traded higher at $0.0720 following a $0.0099 gain and Barclays gained $0.0088 to $0.0700.
In the negative, Seedco was down by $0.0347 to $1.96, Innscor lost $0.0195 to settle $1.38 and Delta traded lower at $2.19 following a $0.0056 loss. Axia also decreased by $0.0001 to close at $0.2700.
Stocks on Monday gave up 1.23% to close at 114.49 points owing to profit taking in the big caps. Beverage manufacturer Delta led the shakers with a $0.0758 loss to $2.20, Innscor was $0.0500 weaker at $1.40 and African Sun decreased by $0.0078 to close at $0.0802. Masimba also went down by $0.0057 to close at $0.0643 and First Mutual Limited traded lower at $0.1600 after dropping $0.0050.
Trading in the positive was Old Mutual Limited which recovered $0.21 to close at $5.21, Cafca was $0.0143 stronger at $0.71 and Powerspeed gained $0.0112 to close at $0.14.
CBZ traded higher at $0.15 following a $0.0022 increase whilst Amalgamated Regional Trading and Fidelity Life Assurance both added $0.0010 to close at $0.0621 and $0.1030 respectively.