Several shot in Zimbabwe’s anti-government protest

Harare-Several people were shot in and around the capital Monday after mass job stay-away turned riotous with protestors cording major highways.
At least four people were injured after police anti-riot squads shot at unarmed protestors in scenes reminiscent of post poll protest on August 1 that saw the death of six suspected protestors when security forces opened fire on crowds demanding the immediate release of election results.
Zimbabwe’s CBD was effectively shut down by mid-morning after business owners heeded a call to close business by concerned citizens.
All shops in CBD Harare were closed including government buildings.
This effectively shut down the capital as workers heeded the call to stay away amid concerns over the worsening economy.
In Harare’s satelite city of Mabvuku, a sprawling high density settlement, East of the capital, roads were blocked by huge pebbles and rubble. Burning tires could be seen giving up noxious flames in scene reminiscent of Apartheid era protest in per-independent South Africa.
Sustained gun shots could be heard around Hunters road as police battled to contain protests.
Heavy police presence did little to contain the situation.
Residents of the town dissuaded the news crew not to proceed warning cars were being set alight.
Elsewhere, protestors fought running battles with the police in Kuwadzana, Budiriro and various other town perceived to be opposition strongholds.
This is the latest evidence of the Emmerson Mnangagwa regime’s heavy handedness in dealing with protestors after killing six people 5 months ago.